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Combining the words “gyro” which means circle or spiral and “tonic” which means to invigorate, GYROTONIC® equipment and training gives one a full body/mind/spirit work-out that is truly three-dimensional. Juliu Horvath created this system from his vast experience in disciplines such as gymnastics, dance, swimming, tai-chi and yoga. The exercises enhance the feeling of connections between the core and the limbs offering both a sense of power and true function. The initiation of all movement is at the core and travels through the limbs supported by the use of specific breathing patterns and rhythms. Stagnation in the joints is eliminated because the attachments surrounding joints are simultaneously stretched and strengthened. Strength is much more coordinated bringing balanced support to the skeletal system. Chi or energy is perceived to flow as a circulatory event and one is left with an overall sense of well-being. Because of the circular nature of the movement people of all ages and walks of life can benefit from performing GYROTONIC® exercise.

A golf specific exercise