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Copyright, Philip James Seth, 2007.

Magali Messac, Master Trainer, GYROTONIC® Seattle.

Philip is a very gifted GYROTONIC® trainer combining an in-depth knowledge of the system with a precise and joyful teaching style.


Dale Dubberly, Entrepreneur.

I work with Philip on a weekly basis and really look forward to each session. I have seen tremendous results in terms of increases in flexiblity, and see GYROTONIC® training as an integral part of my "good health plan". Philip is a joy to work with. He seems to find the perfect point to stretch my physical limits without pain. At one point I have struggled with planter's faciaitis brought on by running. GYROTONIC® movement has strengthened those obscure foot muscles that no other forms of exercise seem to address, so that I can continue running without problems. Thanks Philip!


Edwin Wang, Property Developer.

I have a condition known as Ankylosis Spondilytis, which causes severe pain in my hips and low back. I went to see Philip in the hope of bringing some relief to this condition via the use of the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®. GYROTONIC® movement practiced twice a week under Philip's careful attention did bring relief and after a year I was able to go off my medication. I appreciate the circularity of movement found in GYROTONIC® training that allowed me to regain flexibility in my spine and hips. I have gone on to do some weight training now which I was unable to do before the sessions with Philip and GYROTONIC® training. 



Lyda Dicus, BSW. 

Where to begin about my experience with GYROTONIC® training and Philip Seth - the whole experience was bliss - for my mind, body and soul... Philip has a way of making me feel at ease enough to coax my body to relax and learn something new... he had to have endless patience when working with me. He was able to help me stop fighting with my body and its limitations, so that I could begin to learn a new way of being in my body.


Ivan Duben,CHP,SMS.

As a Structural Integration Practitioner, my work is focused on eliminating a client's chronic pain pattern and movement limitations to improve their bodies relationship to gravity. I strongly recommend the addition of a GYROTONIC® program to enhance flexibility, strength and reverse any sensory motor amnesia that is pandemic in our culture. We live in a world where everyday movement has become far too linear. GYROTONIC® training challenges and inspires us to move differently. My personal journey with Philip Seth provided me with new movement options and increased neuro-muscular facility for my body. After each session I felt energized and connected to my body in a way that was very empowering. I found that during my work with GYROTONIC® methodolgy I felt very supported with Philip's attention to detail and his enthusiasm to encourage me to "reach further". At times it was as though I was using my body for the first time. I could feel the endorphins releasing in my body as I explored weak muscle patterns and a sense of fulfillment as began to gain strength and awareness.GYROTONIC® methodology is ahead of it's time...move over Pilates!


Holly Bright, CMA.

I am a dance artist who lives in Nanaimo, BC. When work or training opportunities arise in Vancouver, I rarely miss the chance to schedule work with Philip. Philip introduced me to GYROTONIC®methodology through GYROKINESIS® training. He is a master teacher in both forms of this work. He integrates his dance experience and his movement analysis certification into his practice of teaching. Thus he is able to clearly articulate the desired process, technique and outcome. His sessions are intentional, clear and thorough regardless of the length of the sessions. It would seem, and I do not doubt, that each session is skillfully 'composed', and these compositions flow me to deep, warm result.